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01.01.2017 4.60 01.07.16
In July 2016, routine blood test revealed a higher PSA (5.2) level and an MRI (in Dublin) confirmed the presence of a cancer. The GP explained the result of the MRI (Gleason 3+3) and recommended Active Surveillance.
There was no change of PSA level over the rest of 2016.
01.01.2018 5.90 01.09.17
I relocated in the spring of 2017 from Dublin (IR) to London (UK) and after registration with the British NHS was able to continue with my journey. The new GM referred me to the local Queen Elizabeth Hospital in Woolwich where an MRI scan confirmed the presence of a cancer.
01.01.2019 8.40 01.07.18
The Queen Elizabeth Hospital, Woolwich referred me to the Guy's Hospital in London, were a biopsy was carried out.
The result of this TB biopsy (24 cores) was Gleason 3+4=7.
As follow-up, I discussed with the Urologist the available options. The Guy's Hospital only informed ma about the treatment they offer, omitting other options. Only upon request from my side HIFU treatment was discussed, and I was referred to the University College London Hospital in London fo HIFU treatment.
01.05.2019 5.10 01.03.19
The University College London Hospital (UCLH) carried out another MRI and confirmed the Gleason score.
The assessment from the Oncologist, specialized in HIFU Treatment, revealed that I'm not suitable for HIFU and that the tumour is to close to the sphincter. HIFU treatment could cause permanent incontinence. The Oncologist also mentioned that I'm most likely not suitable for LDR Brachytherapy, however I like to get a second opinion on this.
As follow-up, I got a consultation with a Radiotherapist and it was suggested to go for Radiotherapy in combination with Hormone therapy. Once again, the doctor was only providing solutions available at the UCLH. I needed to push on the subject LDR Brachytherapy and got only the information that there is a hospital in Birmingham that offers this treatment.
I learned through this that it is very difficult to check what treatment each hospital actually provides. It looks like that the Guy's Hospital does provide LDR Brachytherapy but this needs to be confirmed.
I started a new job and now I use 100% home office, this will allow me to relocate from London to somewhere else and we are actually thinking of moving to the north of England. For this reason I decided to pause my journey until the relocation.
01.07.2019 5.10 01.03.19
Request to return to Guy's Hospital London, this request was not fulfilled by November 2019.
15.11.2019 5.10 01.03.19
Moving to Scotland - No direct hand over from NHS England to NHS Scotland, therefore I need to transfer manually my medical history.
02.07.2020 8.70 02.07.20
GP transferred to University Hospital Ayr - initial PSA test.
23.07.2020 8.70 02.07.20
New MRI scan at University Hospital Ayr.
18.12.2020 3.30 13.11.20
Preparation for Radiotherapy at Beatson West of Scotland Cancer Centre in Glasgow UK.
While in England things were going slow, and I had not received real objective consultation, in Scotland I was quickly assessed and got an assigned nurse that guide me through the process (very competent).
The Decision was taken to start a focal radiation therapy in January 2021 and in preparation to start in September 2020 a Hormone therapy with Bicalutamide.
In December 2020, I received a transperineal implantation of two gold fiducial markers (gold seeds) into my prostate for image‐guided radiation therapy.