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Personal data

Visible name: KarlEmagne
Ctry: Canada
Year of birth: 1965
Age: 53
My Website:

Data at initial diagnosis

Date: 01.04.2019
Age at diagnosis: 53
PSA: 13.30
Biopsied? Yes
Gleason Score: 4 + 3 = 7b

Maximum measured prostate volume

Volume in ml or cm³:

Postoperative pathological data

Date: 04.04.2019
Gleason Score: 4 + 3 = 7b
pTNM-classification: pT2c N0 M0
Margins: R0
p-L-V-P-G-Findings: pT2c-L0-V0-Pn1
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Prostate cancer treatments

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Date PSA 1* 2* 4* 8*
15.11.17 6.80
30.04.18 7.50 3.22
22.01.19 11.85 1.11 1.48
12.02.19 10.10 -- 1.84
01.04.19 13.30 0.33 1.13 1.42
30.04.19 0.14 -- -- --
13.05.19 0.02 -- -- --
04.06.19 0.01 -- -- --
Date PSA 1* 2* 4* 8*

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Personal stories

01.07.1979 - -
DOB 1965. First surgery at age 13 for a lhs varicocele. Unsuccessful, no reduction in size.
25.09.1983 - -
Second surgery for varicocele, successful this time. Significant atrophy of left testicle, likely some damage on the right as well. Spent 4 years with a painful and steadily growing varicocele because my parents didn't allow another surgery. Had to ask my uro for an appointment at legal age - history of abuse and neglect.
15.03.1986 - -
Perforated appendicitis. Inexplicably in hindsight, I still believed in my dad's judgement as a general practitioner my vomiting fits couldn't possibly be an appendicitis. Accurate diagnosis came from staff at a youth hostel.
07.11.1986 - -
Iatrogenic oesophagus perforation after having a chunk of meat stuck. Underlying issue my freak disease, an eosinophilic esophagitis finally diagnosed in 2004.
10.11.2007 - -
Ileus as a late effect of my perforated appendicitis.
01.04.2009 - -
First surgery for inguinal hernia, an after effect of my ileus. Two more surgeries in 2016 and 2017.
01.04.2014 - -
Around this time ED worsens, had been around for some time before. See varicocele story, lived all my adult life with damage to private parts. Probably also the start of more frequent urination.
01.02.2018 6.80 15.11.17
Told about elevated PSA by family doctor, referral to urologist. Enlarged prostate independently spotted in CT. At urologist, am shocked at the details of the biopsy, especially the bit with needles poked through the rectum and requirement of taking Cipro.
01.05.2018 7.50 30.04.18
MRI of prostate is inconclusive. Nothing clearly looking like a tumor visible, just some larger spot that could be an inflammation or a tumor.
01.07.2018 7.50 30.04.18
Urinary symptoms worsen with long sitting and gluten diet, improve significantly later the summer with gluten free diet.
27.01.2019 11.85 22.01.19
Received phone call from family doctor's office because of further elevated PSA, now at 11.85. I had been doing fine though urinary symptoms worsened a bit over x-mas. Am totally shocked, called uro next day for appointment.
21.02.2019 10.10 12.02.19
Agree to biopsy at uro on 13 Feb, get Cipro prescription. At biopsy on 21 Feb initially difficulties getting probe through somewhat tight anus. But afterwards had no issues with 12 shots fired into my prostate. However, am told results take a month.
28.02.2019 10.10 12.02.19
In Montreal plan is to perform RRP at my local hospital, not specialising in prostate surgery. Referral to one of the high volume treatment centers with DaVinci equipment fails. Called in Germany, got dates for consultation and preliminary surgery appointment in case of positive biopsy. Booked flight.
13.03.2019 10.10 12.02.19
Desperate to get results from 21 Feb biopsy, am trying at the archive of university hospital presumably having my slides. Sure enough, results are already on file, despite claims from my uro for a 4-6 week expected turnaround.

Left side 2 cores positive, Gleason 6 (3+3).
Right side 2 cores positive, Gleason 7 (4+3) with grade 4 cribriform pattern, suspicion of vascular invation, no PTEN loss.
04.04.2019 13.30 01.04.19
RRP in Berlin. Catheter removed 9 April, good continence but no erections. Nerves spared only partly, tumour too close on rectal side of prostate.
05.04.2019 13.30 01.04.19
Post-surgery pathology: G7 (4+3) WHO:3
pT2c pN0 (0 of 7 lymph nodes positive) pL0 pV0 R0(local) Pn1
Perineural growth predominantly on right hand side, tumour diameter 15mm 90% G4 10% G3
Prostatic parenchyma with glandular hyperplasia and chronic granular, partly purulent inflammation.
Percentage of prostate involved (based on own calculation of prostate and tumour sizes) less than 10%.